Florida Landlord Tenant Litigation

Are you a landlord or tenant in a residential or commercial building in Florida? The Law Firm of Leighton J. Hyde, P.A. can assist you with understanding both your legal rights and your responsibilities. Both tenants and landlords must comply with Florida law. Often these relationships are additionally governed by a written lease however the law will always prevail over conflicting language in a lease. Legal claims can be potentially based on a variety of arguments, including:

• Breach of the lease
• Holdover tenants
• Failure to maintain the premises
• Non-payment of rent
• Deposit disputes
• Abandonment
• Retaliation
• Discrimination

Remedies may include money damages, possession of the property, liens on personal property or a combination of these remedies. It is critical to comply with both the terms of the written agreement as well as Florida law. If you have questions or a Landlord-Tenant issue contact our office for a complimentary review of your situation.


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