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Purchasing a piece of real estate, whether residential or commercial, is a significant investment of your time and money. The Law Office of Leighton J. Hyde can help you navigate through the transaction and mitigate your risk. From lenders to inspectors, there are so many participants playing key roles in the real estate transaction, we are there to represent your best interests and to help ensure you get all the benefits you are entitled too. Our buyer representation service may include: contract review and explanation, negotiating terms, determining the best way to take title, reviewing the chain of title and your title commitment, coordinating with your lender, preparing documents, reviewing documents prior to closing, explaining documents and attending closing. Problems often arise during a real estate transaction and we are there to help solve those problems.



“Because Leighton has been in the real estate industry as an agent and broker for many years, he is now definitely my go-to attorney for navigating all legal matters that should arise with my clients.”

– Melissa McNeil


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