Selling A Home

Can A Buyer Sue A Seller For Backing Out Of The Contract

Depending on the terms of the contract, the buyer may have the right to sue a seller for specific performance, if the seller refuses to close on the transaction. These terms are negotiated heavily during the negotiation phase of a purchase contract, and a licensed Florida attorney can assist you in making sure there are clauses in the contract to protect your interests.

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Can A Real Estate Broker Represent Both The Seller And The Buyer Of The Subject Property

In Florida, the law does permit a real estate broker to act as a transaction broker, essentially representing both the buyer and the seller. In these situations it’s critical that a party retains the services of an experienced real estate attorney to make sure that their best interests are being represented.

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Can I Do The Closing By Myself

Typically, the closing is performed by a third party such as a licensed Florida real estate attorney or a title company. The closing agent makes sure all the expenses of sale are paid, that the proper prorations are done, records all the legal documents, and then distributes the moneys at the end of the closing.

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Do Both Spouses Need To Be At The Closing

In Florida, it’s important to consult with an experienced real estate attorney when you’re selling a home. In Florida, we have very special homestead protection laws that you cannot sell your primary residence, mortgage your primary residence or will away your primary residence without your spouse’s consent. So it’s important to know on the front end, even if the house is only in one spouse’s name, there are many times where the other spouse has to sign off on the deed at closing.

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