Buying / Selling A Home

Can I Do The Closing By Myself

Typically, the closing is performed by a third party such as a licensed Florida real estate attorney or a title company. The closing agent makes sure all the expenses of sale are paid, that the proper prorations are done, records all the legal documents, and then distributes the moneys at the end of the closing.

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Can I Move Into My House Immediately After The Closing

Most real estate contracts in Florida provide that occupancy will be granted at closing, but a real estate contract could say that the seller could reside in the property for a period of time following closing. It’s important to know what’s in the contract you’re signing and to consult a licensed Florida attorney if you have any questions about closing, or whether the seller can stay after closing.

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Can I Rescind A Purchase Of Real Estate After Closing

There’s no right of recision in the state of Florida after a real estate closing. The only time you may have a right of recision is when you’re refinancing or getting a second mortgage on a property, you typically have a three day right of recision but in a typical real estate purchase once you close the transaction is through and you cannot rescind the agreement after closing.

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Can I Sign All The Papers In Advance And Mail Them To The Closing Or Have My Attorney Take Them To The Closing

Typically, as a seller of real estate in Florida, you can sign most of the documents in advance in your attorney’s office or by mail or federal express. On the buyer’s side, typically the documents are date sensitive, so the note and the mortgage typically must be signed on the day of closing.

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Can Someone Go To The Closing For Me

In the case where you cannot attend closing, a real estate attorney can prepare what’s called specific power of attorney specific to that real estate transaction that will typically let … The lender will permit power of attorney or an agent to act on your behalf if for some reason you can’t attend the closing. These documents must be prepared well in advance before closing, so if you think that you may not be able to attend closing, it’s important to address that situation upfront.

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Do Both Spouses Need To Be At The Closing

In Florida, it’s important to consult with an experienced real estate attorney when you’re selling a home. In Florida, we have very special homestead protection laws that you cannot sell your primary residence, mortgage your primary residence or will away your primary residence without your spouse’s consent. So it’s important to know on the front end, even if the house is only in one spouse’s name, there are many times where the other spouse has to sign off on the deed at closing.

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